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Brown Swiss International will present the absolute “Golden Girls,” the Brown Swiss cows with the highest lifetime production worldwide, in a 6th edition. Brown Swiss is the longest-living breed, and cows like Glad-Ray Paris (USA), with 229,545kg/504,999lbs of milk, or Ace Lonia from southern Germany, who produced her 195,836kg/430,839lbs with components of 4.40%F and 3.83%P, belong among the queens of these heavenly breed.

Come with BSI and visit very special Brown Swiss farms and learn what their families and breeders think of the future. Read about what is happening in the AI industry and which sires the breeders and AI studs rate the highest.

Get to know the breed that convinces with its longevity, high components, valuable protein (beta casein A2A2/kappa casein BB), easy calvings, hard black hooves, top heat tolerance and its singular character.

Brown Swiss has more to offer than “milk alone.” Brown Swiss – More Than Milk!

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Brown Swiss is the milky fitness breed and a super breed for crossbreeding. Brown Swiss cows produce protein rich milk with top cheese making qualities, they are long-lasting with healthy hooves, are heat tolerant and have a gentle character.

Brown Swiss International (BSI) appears in English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch and is a production of cooperation between Rinderzucht Braunvieh and Holstein International. The magazine of 36 pages is delivered to 25,000 farms in 60 countries.

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